Blame Game No Jobs Gain

Pennsylvania House Democrats put out an email blaming Gov. Corbett and Republicans for a lousy economy:

Since Republicans passed the Corbett budget in June, unemployment in Pennsylvania has risen more than half a percentage point, and 45,000 additional workers lost their jobs.

They should be very cautious about playing the blame game.  Democrats controlled the Pennsylvania House from 2006 to 2010, with Gov. Rendell (a Democrat) in office.  During that time, the state lost 137,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate doubled from 4.2 percent to an abysmal 8.5 percent.

If House Democrats want to play the blame game, they need to take a long look at the failure of policies when they held power.  Unfortunately, their solutions regurgitate much of the Rendell-Obama-Bush “stimulus” ideas: more taxpayer money for “infrastructure,” more money for government schools, more government-run preschool programs, specialized tax credits for businesses, and additional benefits from the already bankrupt unemployment trust fund.

Pennsylvania needs less government intervention in the economy, not more: fewer handouts to special interests, reduced regulations on job creators, lower and simpler taxes, and greater freedom for workers.