PLCB: We Didn’t Start the Fire!

Now and then we like to have a sing along at CF.  Today, it’s sponsored by the languishing liquor lords at the PLCB who just produced a ponderous, perplexing piece of perestroika-like propaganda.  What do we mean?  Well, see for yourselves below, but in the meantime, enjoy the music and our response, sing along and stay thirsty my comrades!

The PLCB propaganda release is here.

Our Newswire response:

Commonwealth Foundation Slams PLCB Program Ploy

The Commonwealth Foundation rebuked the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board today for its release touting its grant of $1 million in taxpayer money to support local alcohol education while continuing its yearly $10 million advertising and marketing campaign to promote its monopoly hold upon the sale of wine and spirits.

“This is like pyromaniacs bragging about teaching a bit of fire prevention,” said Jay Ostrich, Commonwealth Foundation director of public affairs.  “Until the PLCB is removed from this costly conflict of interest, neither consumer needs nor preventive education goals will be met in Pennsylvania.”

Among the millions spent in taxpayer money on advertising the PLCB has placed wine and liquor ads on public billboards, within publically funded sports stadiums and in periodicals all within eyesight of underage drinkers and problematic drinkers.

“The PLCB should take the millions it spends on marketing booze and put it to better use within its core mission to regulate, educate and enforce the law,” said Ostrich.  “This is yet another reason why government in the booze business is a lose business.”