Corbett’s Fee Won’t Fund PennFuture, and PennFuture Isn’t Happy

Following Gov. Corbett’s outline for a Marcellus Shale impact fee, enviro-profiteers PennFuture blasted the Governor’s proposal because, among other things, it “leaves too much money on the table.” Yes, PennFuture has the mindset, that big, evil corporations just have stacks of cash they dump out on a table (or on the floor to roll around in), and government’s role is to grab as much as it can to stuff in their pockets.

What PennFuture is really angry about is that Gov. Corbett’s plan would not provide funding for Growing Greener. Growing Greener subsidizes, with taxpayer money, PennFuture and many of its corporate supporters.

In other words, PennFuture wants state lawmakers to take gas companies’ money and hand it over to PennFuture.