Poll: Support for Private Liquor Stores, Marcellus Drilling

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows strong support for liquor store privatization, Marcellus Shale drilling (as well as natural gas tax); and for the first time asks Pennsylvanians if they support privatizing state parks.

While privatizing state parks scored low in popularity, it reveals a shift towards the policy as a viable option for the state. Opposing groups have launched a campaign against leasing state park operations and services but, the evidence shows public-private partnerships in public parks save taxpayers money, provide high-quality services to park visitors, and protect open spaces.

Quinnipiac University Poll
Issue Support Oppose
Selling State Liquor Stores to Private Companies 62 31
Developing PA’s Marcellus Shale 62 30
Taxing Marcellus Shale 64 27
Leasing/Selling State Parks 28 64

For more information on selling liquor stores and Marcellus Shale drilling checkout the links below: