Wasteful Wine Wizards Cork Kiosk Caper!

Put a cork in it!  That’s apparently what the Sultans of Syrah said suddenly today as they will pull the putrid pinot plug on the wasteful wine kiosk catastrophe.  

It seems like only days ago that Big Brother Booze Boss Joe Conti was vehemently defending his board’s bottle blunder, saying August 30 that, “wine kiosks are a profitable program and four to five [more] years would prove that.”   Apparently, freedom finally won a round over floundering, as the Lords of Liquor reversed course saying remaining kiosks will be shut down today and ultimately removed from stores. 

But don’t pop the bubbly yet Liquor Liberty lovers, let’s remember Conti recently threatened, “We will continue to try efforts on behalf of our consumers,” adding, “We may have had an error in judgment, and this may be played out over years or decades in litigation, but this was not a faulty fiscal decision.”

Say it ain’t so, Joe!  No worries on all that litigation though, taxpayers will pick up the tab for all the PLCB’s mistakes.  But until we get to the real problem, removing government from the booze business, just stay thirsty comrades.