Alternative Energy Mandates Make Consumers Pay More for Electricity

This month, the PUC released its latest annual report evaluating Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards. The report shows renewable energy continues to take more out of taxpayer's pockets.

The study found solar energy is more than 10 times more expensive than electricity from natural gas and nearly six times more expensive than coal. Electricity from onshore wind is nearly three times more expensive than natural gas.

Instead of letting electricity consumers choose whether or not they want to pay more for renewable energy by switching to a renewable electricity provider, the state's AEPS forces all consumers to pay more.

States with renewable standards, like Pennsylvania, have electricity rates that are nearly 40 percent higher than states with no mandate. While state electricity costs are affected by other factors, alternative energy mandates necessitate higher energy prices. Right now, residents of Pennsylvania pay more for their electricity than the national average and residents in 36 other states.  Higher energy costs add on the difficulties Pennsylvania families are already facing in this sluggish economy, forcing them to sacrifice to support special interests profiting off of solar and wind power.

The House Republican Policy Committee is currently holding hearings to evaluate Pennsylvania's AEPS.