Scorecard: Toomey Scores, Casey Fumbles for Pa.

Yesterday, Heritage Action released its legislative scorecard for all members of the 112th U.S. Congress. The scorecard can be searched by name, state or even zip code. Current rankings are based on 30 key votes and five co-sponsorship scores in the House, and 19 key votes and four co-sponsorships in the Senate.

Overall, 13 Senators and 27 Representatives received scores above 85 percent. The vast majority of Pennsylvania’s representatives didn’t make the cut. Only one out of the 21 members of the Keystone State’s delegation scored above 85 percent.

The starkest contrast comes in the Senate where Senator Casey has a score of zero percent and Senator Toomey 87 percent. All of Pennsylvania’s House members fall somewhere in between with Rep. Joe Pitts coming in first at 83 percent.

You can see Pennsylvania’s complete rankings here.