Conti Confused by Booze Bill Backing

In a furious flip-flop fiasco that might make John Kerry blush, beleaguered booze boss and former State Sen. Joe Conti contended cluelessness in how his name appeared as co-sponsor to a 1997 bill aimed at ending full government control of state liquor sales.

Though Big Brother booze bashing baffled the boisterous Bordeaux broker, Conti stated he showed as sponsor, “for some reason.” 

Really?  For some reason?  Maybe the testimony was inspired by this Shaggy video or this great commentary by beer and wine expert Lew BrysonFor it once or against it now, it doesn’t matter – government in the booze business will remain a lose business until legislators listen to consumers, taxpayers and voters who are screaming for their help while voting with their wallets.  Until then, stay thirsty my comrades.