PLCB Never Fails to Fail

A hat tip to Fox 29 Philadelphia reporter Dave Schratwieser who helped uncover the tipsy taxpayer-tabbed trailer truth behind the PLCB’s recently discovered waste and mismanagement found in a Pennsylvania Auditor General’s audit report.Last Call

It seems the wasteful wine wonks still just don’t get it.  First they under-ordered, then they over-ordered and now they are just plain out of order, leading most Pennsylvanians to conclude it’s time to order ‘last call’ for government-sold alcohol.

Former PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman gets it.  According to’s Commonwealth Confidential, “on Tuesday morning, he will make it crystal clear to anyone with lingering doubts, joining Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R., Allegheny) at The Wine School of Philadelphia to call for yanking the state out of the business of selling alcohol.”

“It’s a remnant,” Newman said of the LCB in an interview with Monday. “And no matter how you try to modernize the system, it is inherently anti-consumer and should be privatized.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, cheers!