President Obama Is Right

Savor that headline, because you won’t see it on this blog too often.  But it’s true.  As our friend Lindsey Burke at the Heritage Foundation points out, today at his Twitter Townhall, President Barack Obama touted an educational lifeline that was thrown to him:

Moments ago in his Twitter Town Hall chat, President Barack Obama said he “wouldn’t be president if someone hadn’t helped provide some scholarships for my school.”

At age ten, President Obama received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Punahou School in Hawaii. President Obama’s remarks today underscore the life-changing significance of school choice—an opportunity most students trapped in failing and often violent public schools never get.

Giving kids a way out of failing, violent schools that are bankrupting taxpayers isn’t a crazy conservative concoction.  It’s a commonsense idea that the President of the United States (who’s no friend of school choice for others, as Lindsey writes later on) just said changed his life.  I can’t wait to see it do the same in Pennsylvania.

I have no doubt it will, by the way.  Gov. Corbett promised on The BOX that he’ll keep fighting.  No one who knows the legislators who have introduced school choice bills (some in his party and some in President Obama’s) could possibly think they will relent.  And there’s only so long the other side can possibly sustain their bankrupt and backward argument that we should keep throwing good money and innocent children at schools where the three R’s are no longer reading, writing, and arithmetic, but rather rape, robbery, and riots.