Saving Harrisburg?

SchoolChoiceSaves SquareIn their efforts to “save Harrisburg” through a state takeover should the city fail to adopt Act 47 recommendations, lawmakers have overlooked one extremly effective option: school choice.

Despite state aid of nearly $9,000 per student, Harrisburg City Schools have 10 of the worst performing school in the state, enrolling 5,800 students.  The percentage of students performing at grade level in reading and math in these schools varies from 41 percent to a woeful 11.2 percent in the Rowland School. 

While not the most violent schools in the state, based on official reports, these schools still reported 7 assaults on students, 11 weapons charges, and 3 cases of vandalism.

Lawmakers have a mere three days before the state budget is due, and 70 days before students return to violent and failing schools.  Sending a lifeline to students in failing schools while also growing the successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program would go a long way to “Save Harrisburg”!