PA Ranks 27th on Economic Freedom Index

The Mercatus Center’s annual report of the Freedom in the 50 States ranked the Keystone State 27th in economic freedom. Pennsylvania’s overall freedom ranking has declined three places since 2007. Mercatus ranked both Pennsylvania’s fiscal and regulatory policy as mediocre. The analysis noted consistent increases in health care mandates that raise the cost of coverage and higher than average spending on  transportation and welfare.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • State and local taxation as percentage of income: 10.4%
  • State and local debt as percentage of income: 23.7%
  • State and local government spending as a percentage of income: 22.4%
  • Health insurance mandates added cost to premiums: 42.9%
  • Workforce covered by a state-level occupational license: 22.4%

You can also play policymaker and use the state freedom calculator to see what reforms would give Pennsylvanians greater economic freedom. To read the entire report click here.