Violence Rips Worst Pa. Schools!

In the 2009 school year, Pennsylvania’s bottom five percent of failing public schools had an alarming amount of violent incidents totaling more than 5,400. Not only are these 100,000 students trapped in failing schools, but they are trapped in a dangerous, impossible learning environments.

Bottom 5% Proficiency* – Violence Data**

Assault  on Student

Assault on Staff 1027
Rape 7
Involuntary Sexual Deviate Intercourse 1
Sex Assualt 4
Indecent and Aggravated Assault 121
Indecent Exposure 30
Kidnapping/ Interference with Child Custody 4
Reckless Endangering 38
Robbery 163
Theft 593
Rioting 2
Bomb Threat 26
Terrorist Threat 31
Weapon Possession 554
Burglary 20
Arson 107
Vandalism 548
Criminal Trespass 171
Total Incidents 5430

* Bottom five percent of schools provided by the Pa. Senate Education Committee

** Violence statistics provided by Pa. Department of Education