Exclusive Interview with Gov. Corbett, and Tonight on Stossel

Matt on Stossel

Right now, I’m writing you from a train leaving New York City, because last night I interviewed with “The Stache,” John Stossel, about the natural gas boom in Pennsylvania.  We talked with a studio audience alongside former PA Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger and an empty chair reserved for Josh Fox (creator of the fear mongering movie, Gasland) who ran from the interview like he did the facts.

No problem though; we made sure the public heard the truth about natural gas drilling, and you can see it on Stossel throughout the globe tonight on the Fox Business Network at 10 p.m. EST.

Matt and Gov. CorbettThat would usually be enough for one day, but yesterday morning, Gov. Tom Corbett stopped in our office to record an episode of The BOX.  The governor passionately spoke on the need for school choice, liquor store privatization, passing a budget on time and reiterating his no new taxes pledge.  Don’t miss this great podcast exclusively available now on TheBoxProgram.com.

But in case you think I popped my feet up and enjoyed the tardy government-run train ride, I made sure to make good use of the time to talk to a reporter from National Review about school choice in Pennsylvania, and approved CF‘s latest infographic, Natural Gas Tax for Smarties, available on our Web site right now.

Thanks to you, CF continues to bring the truth to the centers of influence in our communities, commonwealth and country as we remain…

Fighting for Your Freedom,

Matthew J. Brouillette
President & CEO