Is Lawsuit Abuse Reform Coming to PA?

Pennsylvania is on its way to joining the 41 states that have either repealed or updated their joint and several liability law.

HB 1, known as the Fair Share Act, would address Pennsylvania’s joint and several liability law, which forces defendants with deep pockets to pay the entire settlements even if they had little to do with it.  For example, a  hospital could be held 1 percent liable for injuries in a malpractice suit, but could be forced to pay the entire amount of a jackpot award, as the other plaintiffs—who were 99 percent responsible for injuries—don’t have the same “deep pockets”.

This type of tort system rewards lawsuit abuse and is detrimental to Pennsylvania’s economic vitality

State representatives should vote against amendments that weaken the bill. You can take action by telling your local officials to pass HB 1.

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