Crystal Clear Evidence on School Choice

Released this month, a new comprehensive report looking at all the available empirical studies on school voucher programs found vouchers improve outcomes for both students and public schools.

Findings include:

  • Nine of the 10 “gold standard” evaluations of voucher programs find statistically significant gains in achievement for all or some voucher recipients. One study finds no visible impact.
  • In 18 out of 19 empirical studies, vouchers had a positive impact on public school districts. No empirical studies find that vouchers have a negative impact on public schools.
  • Every empirical study examining Milwaukee, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Maine and Vermont finds that school vouchers in those areas improved public schools.
  • Only one study, conducted in Washington, D.C., found vouchers had no visible impact, however the D.C. voucher program is uniquely designed to prevent public schools from experiencing competition.
  • Removing many of the strict limits on voucher programs such as student eligibility and allowing more freedom to innovate would likely provide dramatic improvement to public schools and education.

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