Happy Anniversary?

One year after ObamaCare was signed into law, a majority of Americans want it repealed. Here are some of the reasons why Pennsylvanians are dissatisfied with the law, even before its tax hikes and individual mandate goes into effect:

Premium Increases

Increased State Medicaid Costs

Cuts by Health Care Providers and Insurers

  • Pennsylvania’s version of the “high-risk” insurance program, called PA Fair Care, is enrolling residents below expectations. The state Insurance Department says it has room for up to 3,500 enrollees, but only 1,650 have people enrolled. It only costs $283 a month, but to be eligible an individual must be uninsured for six months.
  • Mercy Hospital in Scranton went up for sale, admitting the sale was largely due to the passage of Obamacare.
  • In October, Gateway Health Plan took one of its Medicaid products out of circulation in 17 counties in Pennsylvania, affecting 14,500 customers.
  • ObamaCare would gut Medicare Advantage plans. As of March 2011, 877,723 Pennsylvania seniors are enrolled. About 2,290,509 are eligible to enroll.

Policy Alternatives

  • Health Care Freedom: Representative Matt Baker, who also chairs the House Health Committee, is the sponsor of HB 42 or the Health care Freedom Act which passed committee in early February.
  • HSA Tax Credit: Rep. Baker is also sponsoring HB 43 which allows tax credits for HSA’s. In the Senate, Senator Folmer has a similar bill, SB 212, allowing tax credits for small businesses.
  • Purchasing Insurance Across State Lines: Again both Rep. Baker and Sen. Folmer have introduced legislation, HB 46 and 47 and SB 216.
  • More: SB 217 providing tax credits for unreimbursed medical purchases, SB 215 and 214 for mandate-lite insurance, SB 213 allowing HSA’s for Government employees, and SB 218 to form a state high risk pool (different from the Obamacare pool).