Still Learning “What’s in the Bill”

My brother sent me the following text message while at his local pharmacy:

Just realized that OTC [over-the-counter] drugs are no longer covered by HSA thanks to Obama. I thought that was only a rumor. Worst mistake since Carter created the DOE.

Nope not a rumor—Obamacare does take away the freedom to buy cough syrup with your health savings account, sans doctor’s prescription.  I’m not sure which special interest group was behind this provision: whether it was intended to force more people to visit doctors to get a prescription for aspirin, or to stem the growth of HSAs and drive individuals back into traditional insurance plans. 

While I’m surprised my own brother didn’t read the Commonwealth Foundation analysis of the health care law, he is among the many who has realized the consequences of “what’s in the bill,” which is why a majority support repealing Obamacare.

Note: I believe my brother was referring to the creation of the U.S. Department of Education, but he could have meant the Department of Energy, another Carter creation.