Despite Union Propaganda, Residents Support Privatization

The Morning Call and Muhlenberg College recently conducted a poll on Pennsylvania’s budget situation. Despite months of union sponsored misinformation campaigns, Pennsylvania residents remain largely supportive of privatizing state liquor stores.

Only one quarter of state residents oppose the idea of liquor store privatization as a budget tool, with the highest opposition coming from lower-income Pennsylvanians (37 percent). A majority of both Democrats (54 percent) and Republicans (65 percent) support the sale of the state liquor stores.

Last week, Governor Corbett reiterated his support of liquor store privatization in his budget address and urged the formation of a panel to study the issue—indicating the topic will take center stage after the budget is finalized.

Support for Liquor Store Privatization
Support  Oppose Unsure
 Under $40K   53% 37% 9%
 $40-80K   72% 21% 6%
 Over $80K   83% 12% 6%
 Democrat   54% 32% 8%
 Republican   65% 26% 7%
 Independent   65% 18% 12%
Muhlenberg Poll, March 2011