Five Reasons Corbett Should Stop Implementing Obamacare

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has indicated the state will continue to implement federal health care mandates, such as an an insurance exchange, at least for the time being. Here are five reasons to reject such a path, as governors in Florida and Louisiana have.

1. The Florida Ruling: As a plaintiff in the Florida suit brought against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Governor Corbett should cease all implementation of the federal health care law. Judge Vinson’s ruling orders ceasing implementation of Obamacare. Until there is a stay of this ruling, federal and state governments are obligated end any and all duties related to enforcing the law.

2. Save Precious Resources: Given the fiscal constraints facing the state, it is advisable not to waste valuable resources implementing a federal mandate that is at least questionably constitutional.

3. Repeal is Already Underway: Repeal of the parts of the health care law, beginning with the onerous 1099 requirement, is already underway in Congress, and discussions to change Obamacare continue. It is unwise to begin implementing something that remains in such a state of flux.

4. Opposition in the Legislature: The Pennsylvania General Assembly is working on their own efforts to combat the individual mandate, titled the Health Care Freedom Act. HB 42 passed the House Health Committee this week. Six states have passed similar laws—two passed constitutional amendments—signaling a widespread opposition to the massive expansion of federal power.

5. Plenty of Time for Implementation: Many of the provisions relating to state programs are years from implementation. States do not have to set up exchanges until 2013. Even so, Pennsylvania should take the initiative to apply for a waiver from the employer mandates of ObamaCare, which affect state workers’ health care plans. Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Tennessee have already received waivers.