More Bad News for ObamaCare

After Judge Roger Vinson declared that the entire healthcare overhaul is unconstitutional, Heritage analyst Conn Carroll explained how the decision effectively stops implementation in states (including Pennsylvania) that were parties in the lawsuit.

Even more troubling for the Obama Administration, by granting declaratory relief to the parties involved (which as mentioned above includes 26 states), Judge Vinson has in effect stopped implementation of Obamacare dead in its tracks. Because the entire act was struck down, the future requirements to expand Medicaid programs will be suspended—at least as to these 26 states—and these states will be relieved of their obligation to make plans for such expansion in the immediate future.

A great example of this is Wisconsin, whose Attorney General declared the state free from all obligations related to the healthcare law.

With two court cases finding all or parts of the law unconstitutional and a whopping 733 businesses and unions getting waivers, including waivers for four states (Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey and Tennessee), it’s time for Pennsylvania to get in on the action. Pennsylvania should cease implementation of all Obamacare provisions and request a waiver to avoid millions in new costs to comply with Obamacare mandates.