What State Legislators Can Do to Protect Health Care Freedom

ALEC’s new State Legislators Guide to Repealing Obamacare is a wealth of ideas for state legislators and in turn, activists who are dedicated to implementing true healthcare freedoms. Here are some of their recommendations:

  • Pass the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act.
  • Enact a moratorium on ObamaCare rulemaking which will allow your state to focus its limited regulatory resources on core functions of government.
  • Introduce legislation authorizing your state to seek a federal waiver of ObamaCare’s medical loss ratio requirement which will help your state delay implementation of this provision until 2014.
  • Reject ObamaCare discretionary grants that aid in the federal takeover of state health insurance regulation.
  • Decline to enforce ObamaCare’s “consumer protections” if such enforcement authority does not already exist in your state. In other words, do not expend limited state resources to enforce the law, let the federal government enforce the law on its own.
  • Commission independent research to track and measure ObamaCare’s effects at the state level.
  • Hold public hearings to measure the law’s impact and encourage public officials to comment on how the law is burdening their state.
  • Study the consequences of opting out of Medicaid and health insurance for state employees.
  • Demand approval by state legislature’s before pieces of the law are implemented.