What the PHEAA is Going On?

The Patriot News reports that former Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) boss Michael Hershock got $200,000 in a settlement over his 2009 firing.  

To recap, he was fired for misusing PHEAA (i.e., taxpayer) money for personal expenses (emphasis added):

Among them were a $1,032 bill at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, where Hershock met with a potential donor, and the cost of installation of a satellite service at Hershock’s home in New Mexico.

I’m pretty sure that is not an appropriate use of taxpayer money.

When he was fired, Hershock was given a severance package of almost $375,000. 

He also collects an monthly pension of $18,514 (that’s $222,000 per year). 

Anyone who might be confused why he merits another $200,000 from taxpayers might want to join us in the call to privatize PHEAA.