Transforming Pennsylvania Policy Summit

WHAT:    Nationally renown policy experts, Pennsylvania legislators and more than 200 citizens will join in a policy debate to drive Pennsylvania to prosperity through policy transformation leading to fiscally responsible government to serves the public’s interest rather than special interests.

WHO:   Lt. Gov.-elect Jim Cawley provides opening remarks and a vision for the new administration, followed by the unveiling of roadmaps for reform: 80 Ideas for a Prosperous Pennsylvania and Five Ways to Cut $5 Billion to show our new governor and legislators how they specifically can keep their campaign promises to put taxpayers first. 

Led by Commonwealth Foundation President Matt Brouillette, the Blueprint to Renew Pennsylvania Panel comprises experts Paul Jacob, Citizens in Charge Foundation, on initiative and referendum; Mattie Carrao, Americans for Tax Reform, on transparency in Pa.; State Rep. Jim Christiana, on PennWATCH legislation; and, Dr. Lawrence McQuillan, Pacific Research Institute, on lawsuit abuse reform.

Hosting the Restrain State Spending Panel will be Hon. Maurice McTigue, former New Zealand Cabinet Minister and Ambassador, who will frame the debate on public spending from personal experience in New Zealand.  Joining him will be Hon. Sam Rohrer, former state representative and gubernatorial candidate, on zero-growth budgets; Hon. Bob Williams, State Budget Solutions, on balancing unbalanced budgets in the U.S. and Pa.; and Dr. Antony Davies, Duquesne University, on  social impacts of liquor privatization.

Driving the Transforming Education Panel is Gene Hickok, former  Pa. Secretary of Education, who will speak on the opportunity to transform education in Pennsylvania through choice.  Joining him will be Leona Leonard, a mother whose son was inspired through school choice; Sen. Anthony Williams on the need for choice; Sen. Jeffrey Piccola on the means for bringing choice; and Hon. Bob O’Donnell, former Speaker of Pa. House, on the principles and purposes of school choice.

* The discussions will be infused with questions and answers from the forum audience.

WHEN:  1-4 p.m., Monday Jan. 17, 2011; Doors open at 12:30 for media

WHERE: Hilton Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Ballroom, One North Second Street, Harrisburg

WHY:     With state government bent on a tax-borrow-spend-and-control mentality, the commonwealth faces a potential $5 billion budget deficit.  Pennsylvania must undergo a rapid transformation to reverse the poor policy decisions of the past that have brought our state to its present condition.

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