Glad Tidings…If You Love Freedom

It’s clear: The big government lovers in Pennsylvania are getting coal in their stockings.

Just a few days ago, CF announced that we had already met our year-end goal of raising $120,000 toward our efforts to hold our new elected officials accountable for their promises in 2011 (spurred by a $60,000 challenge grant) and that we were extending our campaign. Our new goal is to raise $180,000 by January 17. That’s the day of CF’s Policy Summit and, not coincidentally, the day before Governor-elect Corbett’s inauguration.

Once again, our supporters have responded. As of this morning, we have raised $149,187.


The message here isn’t rocket science: Moms, dads, business owners, citizens, voters, and grassroots activists across Pennsylvania understand that Election Day was not the end of turning our state and our nation around. They are still engaged. They know we’re not finished fighting. And even amidst a down economy, they are giving not just their time, but also their hard-earned money so that we can win this battle for our future.

Not just as the guy who pores over CF’s budget, but also as a soon-to-be dad who wants his daughter to be able to make a good life for herself in Pennsylvania when she is grown, I’m so encouraged by this.

If you’re joined in the fight, thank you!

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines wondering if it’s winnable, please get in the game. Please support our Fund the Fight campaign today and register to attend our Policy Summit on January 17.

And if you’re one of those folks in Harrisburg about to take an oath to uphold our Constitution, make no mistake: “We the People” are watching, and we intend to ensure you spend our money like it’s your own, not like you’re Santa.