Philadelphia is Number 1 “Judical Hellhole” in US

Philadelphia has been named the number one “judicial hellhole” in a new ranking by the American Tort Reform Association.

Philadelphia is a source of great concern due to the philosophy and trial practices of its Complex Litigation Center, as well as the area’s reputation for excessive verdicts. The judicial leadership is engaged in a campaign to draw in massive personal injury lawsuits from around the country, viewing the increase in lawsuits and out-of-town lawyers as a boost for the court’s revenues and the local restaurants and hotels. Controversial practices, such as “reverse bifurcation,” unfairness in multiple trials against the same defendant at the same time, and combining multiple cases into a single trial provide incentives for plaintiffs’ lawyers to bring their claims to the City of Brotherly Love. Punitive damage awards over $1 million have reportedly tripled in Philadelphia courts. State tort law that is out of the mainstream further encourages lawsuits.

Hat tip to the NFIB of PA, who reacts to the dishonor. For more on lawsuit abuse reform in Pennsylvania, check out Leah Achor’s recent commentary.