New Poll Shows Growing Support for Selling Liquor Stores

Released today, the Quinnipiac University poll shows that 66 percent of Pennsylvania voters support selling state liquor stores—a rise from the 50 percent reported by a F&M poll in May. Today’s poll also listed liquor store privatization as respondent’s number one choice of “ways to balance the budget,” with raising taxes on the bottom of the list. Only 36 percent of voters would help balance the budget by leasing the Turnpike, whereas 51 percent would support laying off state workers.

Quinnipiac University Poll
Issue Support Oppose
Selling State Liquor Stores to Private Companies 66% 26%
Optimistic with Governor-elect Corbett in Office 59% 27%
Leasing the Pennsylvania Turnpike 36% 52%
Layoff State Workers to Balance Budget 51% 41%
Tom Corbett’s No Tax Increase Pledge 47% 44%
Ability of Corbett to Keep Pledge 33% 53%
Raising Taxes to Balance the Budget 32% 65%
Cutting State services instead of Raising Taxes to Balance Budget 56% 30%

For more information on balancing the state budget and selling liquor stores checkout the links below: