Ridge Claims Marcellus is Exempt From No Tax Pledge


In a recent interview, former Governor Tom Ridge said that Tom Corbett could still enact a Marcellus Shale tax without breaking his promise of no new taxes. When asked what the public would think of this, Mr. Ridge replied, “It wouldn’t affect them, it would socialize the benefit of these companies’ presence.”

Luckily for Pennsylvanians, Corbett responded, “This is just one of the things we disagree on.”

Thank you Mr. Corbett, we appreciate your understanding of what a no tax pledge means. A no tax pledge is a promise not to raise taxes, no matter how unpopular the targeted group may be, whether it’s smokers, or big oil and gas.

Secondly, Mr. Corbett clearly has a better understanding of basic economics. Companies don’t pay taxes, people do — and any tax on natural gas companies will be felt by Pennsylvanians in the form of slower job growth and/or reduced royalties.

Since former governor Ridge is so adamant about socializing the benefits, maybe Pennsylvania should consider a special ex-Governor’s income tax to socialize the benefits of his lucrative contract with the natural gas industry.