Is FactCheck Recycling Talking Points on ObamaCare?

Here is an email I sent to

Your recent article claims insurance premiums won’t go up. Are you kidding? Simple economics, or the experience of states like Massachusetts or New York should make it clear that mandates like guaranteed issue and community rating drive up the cost of coverage for all.

Maybe you missed the fact that:

And your line that Medicare Advantage offers benefits “such as gym memberships or spare eyeglasses” is absurd politicking, implying that Medicare Advantage is frivolous. Medicare Advantage offers far more important health care options than that, as I’m sure you can read from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Indeed, Medicare Advantage is designed to eliminated the need for “medigap coverage,” additional insurance that provides for the services Medicare doesn’t. In fact, 70% of seniors on Medicare receive some sort of supplemental insurance, because the coverage under Medicare is so limited.

Maybe you think that all these seniors should be forced off Medicare Advantage, and forced to buy supplemental coverage elsewhere-such as AARP, which sells such supplemental coverage (and also lobbied intensely for Obamacare). But at least be honest about what Medicare advantage covers.

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