Former Rep. Jeff Coleman Rejoins Commonwealth Foundation

HARRISBURG, PA —  The Commonwealth Foundation is pleased to announce that former State Representative Jeff Coleman has rejoined the Foundation as a senior fellow. Mr. Coleman was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2000 at the age of 25, defeating a longtime incumbent. He served four years in the House, developing a reputation as one of Harrisburg’s leading advocates for free-market policies.

This will be Mr. Coleman’s second stint with the Commonwealth Foundation; after his retirement from the House in 2004, he joined CF as vice president. In 2005, he formed Churchill Strategies, a Harrisburg-based communications firm known for innovative and highly successful policy and communications campaigns. Mr. Coleman’s portfolio will include outreach to members of the legislature on a wide range of issues, from energy to school choice.

“As citizens become disappointed with old politics, the demand for actual solutions to Pennsylvania’s problems will keep growing. The Commonwealth Foundation is filling the demand with a pretty refreshing set of alternatives to chronic increases in taxes and spending,” Coleman said. “The next governor and the new legislature will be elected with a charge to get kids out of failing schools and government out of the way of exhausted families and entrepreneurs. The Commonwealth Foundation’s approach—lower taxes, free markets and personal responsibility—hasn’t been tried for a long time in the State Capitol.  This could be our best chance to get it right.”

“Big changes are coming to Harrisburg,” said Commonwealth Foundation President & CEO Matthew J. Brouillette. “That will make having Jeff on our team all the more invaluable.  In addition to having a keen understanding of our principles, he will know how best to navigate the new legislative terrain.  I look forward to working with him to turn our state around.”

Mr. Coleman will continue performing leadership responsibilities at Churchill Strategies.

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