More Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying for Higher Taxes

I have highlighted the taxpayer funded propaganda in the guise of a “newsletter,” titled the Marcellus Shale Examiner, before. The latest newsletter, which leads with Gov. Rendell’s “We must increase taxes now!” rally cry, features the headline:

Harrisburg Think Tank Examines Severance Tax Myths, Facts

Clearly, the PA Department of Environmental Protection bigwigs must have thought that a taxpayer-funded newsletter should mention all sides of the debate, and so they decided to include the Commonwealth Foundation’s Natural Gas Myths & Facts, and our video series Know the Drill that looks at the facts surrounding gas drilling and the proposed severance tax, both of which can be found at

No, no, I’m just kidding. No one in the Rendell Administration is allowed to present both sides of an issue. Rather, the headline refers to another “think tank” that shills for Gov. Rendell, and whose position on taxing natural gas is identical to the Rendell administration’s. Coincidentally, that is the only view ever presented in the taxpayer-funded “newsletter.”

If you want some less-biased reporting, pick up a copy of the Pravda. Or for real information about the Marcellus Shale, watch our video series here: