Where to Find Ideas to Balance the PA Budget

John Micek of the Morning Call has a piece today noting that the two candidates for Governor — Dan Onorato and Tom Corbett — have promised no, or few, new taxes, but will face a massive budget hole in January. And despite having promised to make serious spending reforms, neither are offering much in the way of details.

But being the good reporter that he is, Micek found the premier source of ideas for fixing the Pennsylvania state budget: the Commonwealth Foundation. Citing our report, A Taxpayer’s Budget, Micek writes:

The think-tank claimed it could trim $1 billion from the state’s $28 billion general fund budget; $2.21 billion from other operating funds and $926 million from the state’s capital budget and other off-budget programs.

Doing any of that requires getting legislative approval, and just about everything the foundation proposed is a political sacred cow to someone. Group President Matthew Brouillette says the next governor simply must muster the political courage to push the reductions – and to get lawmakers to follow him.

Among the many cuts we proposed, Micek highlights prison reforms totalling $100 million in savings, and the elimination of prevailing wage laws on school construction projects, resulting in $400 million in annual savings.

For more ideas to balance the budget, visit https://www.commonwealthfoundation.org/budget