Why Obama Can’t “Sell” the Health Care Law

The AP writes that President Obama blames himself for not “selling” the health care law — this despite giving dozens of speeches on the issue and spending millions of dollars just to promote the legislation.

The latest article lists a number of “benefits” the law provides, including many “free” services.

Benefits Listed What I Read:
Young adults can remain on family healthcare plans until age 26. Higher insurance premiums
Free immunization provided for kids. Higher insurance premiums
Free preventive care provided, such as mammograms and cholesterol screenings. Higher insurance premiums and higher taxes
No more lifetime coverage limits, and annual limits start to phase out. Higher insurance premiums
Plans can’t cancel coverage for people who get sick. A restatement of a law already in effect
No denial of coverage for kids with pre-existing health conditions. Higher insurance premiums


And sure enough, insurers are raising premiums and these higher rates are largely due to the new mandates.

Nancy Pelosi was right; we found out how bad the law was after it was passed.