Which States are Stealing Pennsylvania Residents?

The Tax Foundation has launched a new, awesome interactive tool that looks at IRS data, tracking moves into and out of each state.

The bottom line for Pennsylvania is this:

  • From 1993-2008, the state lost a net 196,000 taxpayers (tax returns) who moved to other states in the union. The net loss in personal income these taxpayers took elsewhere was a whopping $10.1 billion.
  • Under Governor Rendell (2003-2008) and his constant economic development spending, the bleeding continues with a net loss of 38,000 taxpayers and $2.1 billion in income.

Pennsylvania has actually attracted tens of thousands of residents, on the net, from New York and New Jersey, whereas the top destination for PA residents are Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware.

Readers will note the correlation between migration and state and local tax burdens as well as with state economic freedom. For more state rankings, see the more info tab.