Outsourcing Park Management a Budget Saver

With economists speculating a double dip recession, unemployment high, and a national deficit expected to reach $1.5 trillion this year, you might disapprove of unnecessary government spending, like putting $3.4 million towards a turtle tunnel.

Unfortunately, public opinion doesn’t stop the President from moving forward with his growing government agenda, as he now plans to spend tax dollars to purchase millions of acres of private land. As the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) points out, this is a bad deal for the economy and for the land:

National parks – the crown jewels of the federal estate – suffer from a more than $9 billion backlog for repairs, routine maintenance and improvements. …rather than using the money…to purchase more land, it could be used to improve, maintain and better manage the lands that the government already owns.

Further, the private sector has already achieved success in establishing and running natural sites. One such company, Recreation Resource Management, has an impressive resume, already managing over 150 federal, state, and local parks. Its campgrounds are included in the nation’s top 100 family places to camp. The government should consider contracting out management of national parks to the private sector, which could generate revenue instead of adding to the federal deficit.