Philadelphia’s Blogger Tax

In case you missed it, the city of Philadelphia is demanding local bloggers pay a $300 business privilege license, as reported by the Philadelphia City Paper, despite not making much money on the venture. Somehow, we don’t think taxing bloggers is going to put much of a dent in Philadelphia’s budget deficit.

Other blogs weighing in on the matter include PA Watercooler, GrassrootsPA, Sights on Pennsylvania, Bucks Right, Larson4Liberty, The Point Press, and the Washington Examiner. For some reason, they object to a seeming infringement on free speech, as well as the cost for the privilege of blogging. Of course, they are all tax scofflaws, having avoided a blogging tax themselves, and don’t recognize how Philadelphia is protecting us all from an unlicensed blogger writing about organic vegetables.

Luckily, I will never be asked to pay a bloggers’ tax, as the city of Harrisburg faces no need for additional revenue…