Seven PA Universities Have High Racial Graduation Gaps

Several universities in Pennsylvania have a large gap between white and black graduation rates, according to a recent report from Education Trust.

Shippensburg University, with a 30.3% difference between white and black graduation rates, has the third highest gap among public schools in the nation. Western Pennsylvania schools aren’t immune, the study found a 27.4% gap at Robert Morris University, where 31% of black students graduate, compared to 58% of white students, graduate.

Below are all Pennsylvania Universities ranked in the top 25 in either the public or private school list:

Black Pop. Black Grad. Rate White Grad. Rate Grad. Gap
Shippensburg University 5.9% 35.9% 66.2% 30.3%
Robert Morris University 7.8% 31% 58% 27.4%
Millersville University of PA 7.0% 40.1% 67.1% 27%
Indiana University of PA 10.8% 26% 52% 26.2%
Lehigh University 3.2% 64.5% 86.3% 21.8%
Widener University 11.7% 37% 58.7% 21.7%
La Salle University 12.8% 55.3% 75.4% 20.1%

In contrast, black students at Villanova have a higher graduation rate than white students, but only 4.2% of the student body is black.

This is a troubling trend, partly the result of schools being more concerned with diversity – or in some cases getting inflated tuition rates – than the ability of their recruits to actually succeed.