Physics Supports Fracking Safety

When the head of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil and Gas Management says,

There has never been any evidence of fracking ever causing direct contamination of fresh groundwater in Pennsylvania or anywhere else

it is not because he does not know about Cabot in Dimock or the Clearfield County incident, but because those accidents are not related to hydraulic fracturing.

It seems folks are missing this differentiation. While accidents can occur, they happen above ground, not as a result of fracking. Wells and aquifers are not threatened by this process. For any skeptics I would recommend reading what Greg Wrightstone, a certified petroleum geologist, has to say. He explains you would have to “repeal the laws of physics” for hydraulic fracturing to contaminate freshwater.

With over 48,000 wells fracked in Pennsylvania and an estimated one million nationally and no documented cases of freshwater impacted anywhere, Mr. Wrightstone’s physics of fracture theory is backed by empirical data.