PA Senate Passes State Budget

Today, the the Pennsylvania Senate passed the state budget by a vote of 37-13. The no votes were: Alloway, Argall, Earll, Eichelberger, Ferlo, Folmer, Leach, Mensch, Orie, Piccola, Vogel, Ward, and Washington.

The legislation will now go to the state House. The rules require a 24-hour waiting period before voting on legislation, but there will be a move to suspend the rules in order to vote today, which requires 2/3 of members to vote for suspension

CF hosted a live chat earlier today, answering readers questions and taking comments. State Rep. Sam Rohrer joined the chat to offer some behind-the-scenes information. Click here for the chat archive.

Also check out our news release on the budget deal and ten facts about the budget deal. Click here for more on the Pennsylvania state budget.

UPDATE: The House voted for the budget this afternoon  (after voting to suppend the rules), 117-84.  The roll call vote is here.