Hypocrisy of “Conservation Voters”

I sent the letter below to the group “Conservation Voters of PA“:

I saw your press release demanding Tom Corbett return the $6,000 campaign contribution he got from the Anadarko PAC (though PAC money comes from individuals, not the corporation), because Anadarko owned 25% of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

I’m a little perplexed by your sudden concern.  After all, you raised no concern when Gov. Rendell gave Anadarko a no-bid contract to lease state forest lands for less than the going market price.

You also have as yet failed to call out so-called environmental groups which accepted direct corporate contributions from BP – including PennFuture, which took $40,000 – and have yet to return the money.  This funding of course, unlike PAC money, could actually be used to clean up the Gulf. 

If you truly care about the issue, you will call on Gov. Rendell to rescind the Anadarko contract, and PennFuture to return the BP money.  If not, your call on Corbett to return PAC funds comes across as nothing more than a partisan stunt.

Nathan Benefield
Director of Policy Research
Commonwealth Foundation