How Many State Workers Will Get Laid Off for the “Legacy Project”?

“We’ve cut state government to the bone” Gov. Rendell likes to claim, while demanding higher taxes, decrying cuts to key services, and threatening to lay off state workers.

But apparently there is money to fund research into the success of Rendell’s policies.  Dubbed the “legacy campaign”, the Rendell administration hired a public relations consultant to

put a face on Rendell’s education, economic-development, and environmental programs … The administration, facing another looming budget fight, can use the information to argue that cutting key programs comes with a human price tag.

In fact, even Rendell must realize this is an embarrassing use of taxpayer dollars, as – either because his staffers thought it wise not to tell him of the project, or as part of a cover-up – he denied there was any money for the project before the story broke.

So either taxpayer money was used for the self-promotion of the administration, or tax dollars were used to advocate for higher taxes.  Either way you cut it, taxpayers lose.

And to answer the title question, the contract is for $30,000 over six months, so likely only one state worker will lose his/her job.  But who should get the axe: A state police officer?  A natural gas site inspector for DEP?  A welfare case worker?  A press secretary?