Most Pennsylvanians are Right Wing Extremists

If one listens to analysts in the mainstream media, anyone calling for a repeal of the federal health care law, or supporting a state immigration law like Arizona’s is on the “extreme right wing” of American politics.

But according to the latest Rasmussen poll of Pennsylvanians (Part I and Part II), more than half of voters support an Arizona-style immigration law. A whopping 71% think police officers should be required to check immigration status of anyone stopped for another reason. And 61% of Pennsylvania voters support a repeal of the federal health care legislation.

Rasmussen PA Poll Results – May
Support Oppose Not Sure
Immigration Law Like AZ 53% 29% 18%
Suppose a police officer stops someone for a traffic violation or a violation of some other law. If the police officer suspects that the person they stopped might be an illegal immigrant, should the officer be required to check their immigration status? 71% 18% 11%
Repeal of the Federal Health Care Bill 61% 35% 4%
500 Likely Voters

Indeed, support of repealing the federal health care “reform” law has been increasing as voters find out more of what is in the bill. Most recently, NFIB joined a lawsuit of 20 state attorneys general. I wrote about that lawsuit here and on other ways to repeal the bill here. For more CF resources on health care, click here.

For some information on the Arizona immigration law, see this blog post.