F&M Poll Shows Voters Support Liquor Store Privatization

The latest Franklin & Marshall College poll spends, not surprising, a good deal of time on election-related questions, but has a few related to current policy proposals in Harrisburg.  The polls shows residents support state liquor store privatization and medical marijuana, oppose total legalization of marijuana and merit selection of judges, and don’t support many of the ideas for highway funding (voters are split on a natural gas tax, as a source for road funding, though current severance tax proposals have not dedicate funds for that purpose.)



Issue Support Oppose Undecided
Selling State Liquor Stores to Private Companies 50% 37% 13%
Appointment (Rather than Election) of Judges 24% 69% 7%
Legalizing Marijuana 33% 60% 7%
Legalizing Medical Marijuana w/Doctors Recommendation 80% 17% 3%
To Generate Money for Road and Bridge Repairs
Increasing Vehicle Registration Fees 37% 60% 3%
Leasing the PA Turnpike to a Private Company 29% 60% 11%
Tolling I-80 15% 84% 1%
Increasing Taxes on Natural Gas Companies 45% 44% 11%

For more information on some of these issues check out these Commonwealth Foundation resources: