Celebrating School Choice

Yesterday the REACH Alliance held the 9th annual birthday party for Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit – see story here – in which hundreds of students and parents showed up to celebrate the choices they have been given, and rally against cuts to the EITC

Indeed cutting the teeny-tiny EITC, while dramatically expanding funding for school districts, to “balance the budget” is one of the more absurd policies of the Rendell administration.

One of the speakers at the rally, Sen. Anthony Williams, a Democrat candidate for governor, has a piece on PA2010 today on “Why I support school choice”

In contrast, one of his opponents in the primary – Joe Hoeffel, who I have picked on before for not knowing his facts about school vouchers – continues to rail against school choice (though supporting the existing, and popular EITC), but defending his own private school education and that he sits on the board of a private school. In other words, school choice is good for rich people, but keep those poor kids out of private school.