First and Second Amendments Lose; LiveFreePA Postponed

Statement by Commonwealth Foundation and President Matthew J. Brouillette:

“In the 11th hour, under intense pressure from those who would deny the freedoms in the First and Second Amendments, the host of the Commonwealth Foundation’s second annual LiveFreePA celebration pulled the plug. Due to the short notice, the Commonwealth Foundation will reschedule LiveFreePA for the fall, at a club that stands tall for our rights and freedoms.

The Elstonville Sportsmen’s Association’s decision is regrettable, but more regrettable are the attacks on this lighthearted and safe event by left-wing pundits and gun-control advocates. This reminds us all that if the inalienable rights of citizens to express and protect themselves are to survive, those who cherish them must stand firm against those who seek to erode or limit those rights. This incident underscores how vulnerable our freedom truly is, and the need to celebrate and defend it anew.”