Rendell vs. Rendell on New Taxes

Rendell TaxesHere is a quote from Gov. Rendell, from way back in February in his budget address, discussing the new taxes he was proposing:

I want to be crystal clear on this point: the Stimulus Transition Reserve Fund that I propose would be legally inaccessible until July 2011 – well after I am no longer governor. None of the revenues generated by my proposal will be available for me or anyone else to spend this fiscal year or next. Instead, we will put these funds aside to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Here is what Gov. Rendell said today, two-and-one-half months later, looking to use those taxes to plug a growing state budget deficit:

Clearly we’re going to use some of those revenues this year.  If we don’t, if the legislature says no, then there will have to be fairly significant, much more significant layoffs and furloughs of state workers.

That sound more like the “not a crazy tax guy” we’ve come to know and love.