PennFuture Pal Lets the Truth Out

Katrina Currie’s excellent posts during the last two weeks, which refuted PennFuture’s absurd claims about job creation and cost savings tied to alternative energy, as well as debunking environmental accomplishment myths, have been buttressed by one of the group’s own enthusiasts. Dan Kerr of Harrisburg-based McClure Company — a mechanical contractor that specializes in alternative energy projects that come with heavy taxpayer subsidies — attended PennFuture’s Saturday night event honoring Ed Rendell as a “green governor.” In a blog post this week he noted a handful of actions that the activist group views as major achievements of the administration, and then commented:


There’s no doubt that these actions will make an enduring environmental impact on the Commonwealth. And there is definitely some economic stimulus. Several of our McClure customers have implemented energy projects with us as a result of receiving the grants and low-cost loans. These projects would otherwise have been moth-balled, as the capital costs heavily outweighed the economic benefit.

My takeaway? On the renewable side, what I don’t see are these tax/rate payer provider funds truly making renewable energy projects more affordable over the long haul. Unless we see dramatic improvements in solar and wind technologies, they will continue to need an artificial boost through government mandates and incentives.

Shhhh, Dan — or you won’t be welcome at any of these hoidy-toidy PennFuture events ever again! Portraying your hosts as liars will keep you off all their invitation lists, which may also blacklist you from the government grants. Ix-nay on the uth-tray!!