Devasting Critique of New Health Care Law

John Goodman offers a fine summary of a devastating critique of ObamaCare, produced by … the Obama Administration:

  • Health care costs will go up, not down.
  • Health care shortages are “plausible and even probable.”
  • 14 million employees will lose their employer coverage.
  • 2 million employees who lose coverage will have to enroll in Medicaid.
  • A Medicaid insurance card is not a guarantee of care.
  • One in ten insured workers will see their health benefits taxed.
  • Higher taxes will lead to higher premiums.
  • There are more than one-half trillion in Medicare cuts.
  • Medicare cuts would threaten almost one in every seven hospitals.
  • Overall access to care for seniors would go down.
  • 7.4 million people will lose access to Medicare Advantage plans.
  • False advertising: The new “Medicare Tax” doesn’t go to Medicare.
  • False advertising: Budgetary double-counting does not improve Medicare’s solvency.
  • The new long-term care insurance plan (CLASS Act) is unsound.
  • The promise to those with pre-existing conditions is unfunded.
  • The law does almost nothing to limit actual fraud and abuse.

As Scott Ott notes, the Obama administration didn’t actually hide the report until the bill was passed, but Congress rushed the bill through before the analysis could be completed – which ought to make us feel much better about the new law.