Rendell Handouts To Harley Still Not Creating Jobs

Rendell’s handouts to Harley Davidson have been nothing short of legal plunder. Back in November 2009, $15 million in taxpayer funds were doled out to Harley to keep them in the state. After months of threatening to leave the state, Harley stayed, but not without cutting 1,000 jobs from its workforce.

Next month Harley will lay off 100 more employees as part of a restructuring plan that includes reducing the workforce from 1,950 to 1,000. Harley spokesman Michael DiMauro said layoffs will continue for the next 12 months.

State subsidies for Harley have done little, if anything, to make the company more efficient. For years the company has held taxpayers hostage as they have threatened to either cut the number of jobs or move to another state.

Taxpayers should not have to bail out any company, regardless of how big or small. Least of all, a company that has been leveraging the Governor’s uncanny ability to waste taxpayer money.