Hate Mail on “Slacker Mandate”

A reader took exception for my use of the term “slacker mandate” to describe laws requiring insurance companies to cover young adults on their parents’ plans up to age 26 (or 29) in a Post-Gazette letter, implying that I was a rectum engaged in the act of procreation. Here is my response:

The term “slacker mandate” is used to describe these types of mandates, which states have been experimenting with for a decade or so. I did not coin the phrase.

Regardless, it still costs about the same to insure your daughter whether through higher premiums on your plan or giving her the money to buy her own. Bottom line – these mandates don’t reduce the number of uninsured, because they fail to address the true problem of the cost of health care.

You may still think I’m just a [rectum engaged in the act of procreation], but the fact is good intentions alone won’t solve the health care problem in this country.